Several years ago, Sandi experienced severe back pain after major surgery and her physical therapist said, “You need to strengthen your core!” Acting on that advice, not only did she find complete relief from pain, but also discovered her passion for Pilates.  She was inspired to share what she found to be so helpful and effective for her, and realized she wanted to devote her professional career to becoming a Pilates instructor.

Sandi was certified in 2006 by Ellie Herman at the Ellie Herman Studios in San Francisco. In 2010 she became a certified teacher with Balanced Body. In 2015 she became certified as Balanced Body Faculty. She has attended many workshops to increase her knowledge and most recently completed a 2-year Foot and Gait Mentorship Program with Nancy Myers.

Sandi has worked with individuals with back issues, hip, knee, ankle and shoulder surgeries, and students looking to stay fit and build strength.  All ages can benefit from Pilates – her oldest student is 90 years old and going strong! Her goal is to help her students develop and apply the Pilates skills they learn to help with everyday life activities and to meet their goals.  Sandi’s greatest satisfaction in her teaching of Pilates is seeing her students’ progress and how Pilates literally changes their lives. Read more about Sandi on