Joanna began studying Pilates as a dancer seeking rehabilitation for her lower back in 2003. She quickly learned how the intricacies of Pilates exercises stabilized her spine and strengthened the muscles around it, completely healing her bulging discs. Her new-found strength led her to become a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body University.

Through her experience and love for the method, Joanna brings a deep sensitivity to her teaching. She is excited to help her clients learn and understand the strength and power of their own bodies. Joanna works with people of all fitness backgrounds, focusing on strengthening for everyday functional movement. As a mother of two little girls, her Pilates focus now includes pre and post-natal fitness, in addition to rehabilitation and Pilates for athletic performance. She is an AFAA certified fitness instructor at the UC Berkeley Sports Facility where she has taught fitness classes to the Cal masses for the past fourteen years. She was a core trainer for the Cal Triathlon Team and the Pilates trainer for the nationally recognized Cal Women’s Swim Team for the past five seasons.

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