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Welcome to our new website.

Studio 74 Pilates has been serving the community with excellent Pilates instruction for more than 12 years. From teenagers to ninety-somethings, all are in good hands with our conscientious and kind-spirited teachers. Our studio is bright and spacious, designed as an ideal environment for exploring the art and science of movement. Neither spa nor study hall, Studio 74 is also a reliable haven of calm and focus. Even better – it’s a place of rejuvenation AND hard work!

Before we were studio owners, we both taught in many different places that helped us distinguish what we want and don’t want in a Pilates studio. We want to make people feel relieved and excited  to be here – never intimidated. Our clients say we succeed. We began with a conviction that genuine curiosity and persistent inquiry outsmart trendiness over time. We still believe this! Our shared vision has remained consistent. It is fulfilled in the loyalty of our fabulous teachers and diverse clientele.

In 2016 we doubled our size and our offerings, manifesting our expanded vision to GIVE MORE. Career Pilates teachers across the industry are itching to reach people in our community without easy access to Pilates, or without awareness of its life-changing benefits. This is the motivation for our expansion into a studio for group classes (aka Outreach Phase One!).

Word-of-mouth marketing has been our chief sustenance all these years, buoying our business through the economy’s slumps. To broaden the reach, we are now on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp ! If you know and love us, PLEASE choose your favorite social media outlet and tell the world!

We hope this website conveys our dedication to bringing the benefits of Pilates to YOU as an individual. But you can’t know the benefits until you try it. Maybe you want to raise your level of fitness…or fine-tune your sport…maybe you’re in pain and weary of medical appointments that haven’t produced full relief…or maybe you’re just curious like we were when we discovered Pilates. If you’re just learning about us, PLEASE CALL, PAY US A VISIT, TRY A CLASS!! If you’re already a regular, THANK YOU FOR SPREADING THE WORD! Pilates improves whole health. The whole community benefits. Let us share it!

In good health,

Jennifer & Nora